I have 3 clients that need trays to add to their styling collection.  Trays are such awesome styling tools.  A tray can display a collection, brighten a dark spot, add a pop, so many possibilities with one type of accessory.  I found these awesome trays all at the same store AND when I was looking, I also found awesome and diverse furniture.  I bet you can’t guess where all of these treasures are from!?!?  Click on the photos for direct links.

Coffee Table Trays

Copper-Handled Tray                  Merida Tray                Fox Caper Bar Tray

Tables, Table and Tables

How awesome and diverse are these pieces?!  I am so impressed that all of them are from the same location, yet each one feels like it has it’s own story.  That is one of the things that I love about what I do, always making new discoveries.  I love this store for their cool clothing, and yes, I thought they had some cool housewares.  But NOW I know this is such a great site to find pieces that feel as unique as my clients.  I could build a collected look in one stop!


                   Crackled Glass Dining Table                  Acamar Coffee Table

Living Room Basics

(That aren’t so basic)!

One of the hardest things for people to do is just start.  Boy, am I in luck tonight!  I have a client who needs to get started, here is your board Linda!  She is looking for a traditional peacock velvet sofa, a pair of statement chairs, with a table in the middle.  We are going to have to much fun adding on the these key pieces.


Velvet Glenlee Sofa         Lirit Side Table                Shag Puff Dressing Chair


Oh, and if you are wondering where I found these treasures, click on any of the photos!