Alexandra Spray PaintingAlexandra Spray Painting Done 

In an earlier post, I wrote about creating art for a big wall with paint I had lying around the house with a vintage canvas.  A few months have gone by and my ever faithful assistant (and 10 year old daughter) Alexandra told me the painting was just too dark.  She was right!  Especially with winter coming and the days being shorter, the family room can be very dark early in the day.  I decided to tape off the original (redone) painting and spray the rest a light blue.  The left photo is Alexandra spraying for the first time – I think we have a future creative enterprise!  The right photo shows the family room with the lightened painting.  We love it, what do you think?  Don’t worry, my family room is usually much more ‘lived in’, but I was having a meeting at my house, so we tidied up and added a few finishing touches, bu that is a whole other blog!