DumpsterDumpster 1


Yes, you read the title correctly:)! It is so popular to mix vintage pieces into one’s home (hence my company name, Modern Vintage Mix). However, did you know that each piece of furniture we keep out of the dumpsters, then landfills, is more room for us on this special place called, Mother Earth. Here at Modern Vintage Mix (MVM), it is our mission to save the planet, one couch at a time!

If you have furniture, vintage, antique or just used, please consider calling us. If we cannot upcycle the piece or sell if for you, we will repurpose the parts or revive it and give it to a family in need. We can all have beautiful homes and mother earth by thinking about what we have and use and what we throw out or don’t throw out. The furniture in the dumpters above could have easily been repurposed. Hopefully, these pieces are not taking up room in landfills, but rather, have found a new home…..

Think about it, and help us save the earth, one couch, chair, table, dresser at a time! Call MVM, 858.386.9060 anytime and we will help give your tired pieces new life for you or their new owner!