It is so fun looking around for awesome pillows.  I think of pillows like the bracelets of my rooms.  I can be wearing the same basic outfit and if I change my bracelets from casual to fancy or boho to chic I can change the whole feel of I how look.  This fashion trick applies to pillows and rooms!

I adore The Piper Collection pillows.  Often when one of my clients need a room pick me up, aka bracelet change, I order them some Piper Collection Beauties.  With different collections with such awesome names like, Frost, Hampton, Retro and Sunset you can’t go wrong!  You can view their pillows at or contact us to purchase!



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Some close ups from THE PIPER COLLECTION.


Just like tassel jewelry has become so popular this year, so are tassel pillows.  Similar to adding a bracelet, I had to add some tassel necklaces to my wardrobe this year, tassel pillows are also a must! Adding one tassel pillow can change your whole look.   These are from a cool site I found Alegria Home.  Link below.


ALEGRIA HOME is an awesome site that has more than tassel pillows.  I love the fact that Alegria in Spanish means joy and happiness.  I wish I was having more kids, so I could name one Alegria, that is such an cool name.

Check them out!

Stay tuned for next weeks Pillow Pile Up and see what we find!