Living Room 1      Living Room 2

These photos show you that the furniture dealer has very little furniture in her ‘formal’ living room!  In Southern Cali there are no basements, so we made this space a place where we all could play and hang out.  It would have been easy to make this a ‘formal’ space, but then where would all of the ‘living’ take place?!  A space should be true to how you live.  We have a sectional in the family room, where we all can lounge, aka, watch tv.

As you can see we love music.  My one son in a drummer in a band, one of my daughter’s plays the piano and they all fiddle with the guitar.  Yes, we all play fooseball!   I mostly watch, because I let everyone else win!  The one chair is my newest acquistion, a Milo Baughman lounger and ottoman, I just polished up the chrome and put new fabric on it.  It is one of the most comfortable chairs, we all love it.  So, we also read and lounge in the living room on the chair and the bench seat.  Don’t be fooled, many a days the bench seat and floor are filled with my kids stuff, I just tidied up for the photo.  (OK, I hid everything in the bench seat drawers)!  There is also lots of empty space for all of the band members to practice and for us to play games.  Oh, and hidden, next to the guitar is our Singtrix.  Many a nights are passed with singing and performances!  Although I do not think this space is ready for a magazine shoot, it is ready for my family – and that is what counts in a home.