Lighting not only brings light to a room, it can literally, lighten the room, darken a space, create a nook, draw guests in or whatever your goals are for the space. Flos is such a great site for  lighting.  Often when we get creative with lighting we can create a whole new space.  Here, Flos is showing their Mod. 207 by Gino Sarfatti, placed in a corner, creating an inviting space, in often overlooked real estate.  And who thought chandeliers were just for entryways, dining rooms and hotel lobbies!

Created by internationally acclaimed designers, the range of inspirational and beautiful pendant lights from FLOS will transform your living room.:

How about this IC Lights F  by Michael Anastassiades!!!  How sexy is this lamp.  I am using one in chrome for a client’s family room.  Photos to follow.  See how it draws your eyes up, the base can even tuck under a table, so it appears to be a floating table lamp.  This is going in my bedroom freshen up! I am going to have to put my mood board up soon.  I am getting so excited about all of my finds!

It’s a desk lamp, but is it modern, traditional, does it matter, it is beautiful.   A piece of art for your table!  The Goldman, by Ron Gilad, will make a statement in any style space.  It comes is brass with green glass too.  Enough light to work, without taking up the whole desk.

Check out their link below, get free shipping on orders over $50.  If you need help with a lighting plan or any form of your dream room design, feel free to contact us for design or e-design help.  A lamp can really light up your room!