We finally got them off the couch!

Joy's rug

When we placed the gorgeous swirled rug down, the homeowner’s dogs were so happy!

As a Dream Room Maker, rug choices are usually involved.  Rugs can be an investment, and if placed properly, are often under heavy furniture and not that easy to replace or switch up with the seasons.  Personally, rugs have to feel as good as they look.  I find it very uninviting when a rug is not touch friendly, no matter how beautiful it looks.

Here are some rugs that look as good as they feel.  All from The Rug Seller. (Link below).


Dipgeo Rugs 58405 by Ted Baker in Rust         Gatsby Rugs GAT01 Black by Nourison      Paisgeo Rugs 57508 by Ted Baker in Navy

Click the link below to see more and score awesome pricing!


Flokati Rugs are woven by traditional Greek craftsmen with a 100% deep, soft wool pile, Washable.

Flokati Rugs in Ivory