Above featured Dining Chair photo from the Project 62 line at Target.

The way we live is changing!  Many new homes are being built without designated Dining Rooms, kitchen eating areas are larger.  Leading us to want a little bit of a more upscale look in the Kitchen Eat -in space.  Of course, many of us don’t want to spend a fortune on this furniture, as it is used on a daily basis and needs to wear well.

Recently, I sold my coveted vintage bamboo kitchen chairs.

Although I loved them, they did not go with my new Suburban Loft.  Because I still have 3 kids at home and a busy life, I wanted something affordable, that I could wipe down or recover the seats, would stand up to kid central – meals, homework, projects and arts and crafts.  (Meaning paint, glue and more).  I found some wonderful choices on Allmodern.com.

My new Dining Area Chairs from Allmodern.com!

I also have a client who needs new Dining Area Chairs.  I found so many affordable options, I had to share!

Enjoy!  Click on any photo below for more information or to purhase.


Mid-century to Modern, there are affordable options!


Vintage floral to glossy black – so many styles!


Modern to transtional – we found them all!


White, pink, any color of the rainbow is possible.


Upholstered with a custom look at a ‘not custom’ price.


Solid finishes that wear well.


Timeless looks!

Whatever your style, there are affordable and durable options out there to create your dream space!