Dress Your Walls with One Kings Lane Art for Under $125

Dress Your Walls with One Kings Lane Art for Under $125


Blue and white graphics can add a pop of color to any space!


Whimsical Sun Prints can make your room feel layered and fun.


Vibrant blue and red hearts will warm up your walls.


Black and white abstract art works paired with traditional or modern styles.


The recurring, here the yellow circle, can pull your room together.


Bring the outside in with floral watercolors.

Simple, bright and geometric.


Jungalow style is timeless.


Traditional shapes and images.


Take your rustic cabin up a notch!

Remember, art is a reflection of you.  Each piece should bring you joy.  Any style of art can work in any space, as long as you love it.

Making your dream rooms – and lifestyle (for any budget) – come true! Lynn



Grab A Seat

Grab A Seat

Beautiful and Comfortable

Since budgets, style and comfort come in all shapes and sizes, I am always on the lookout for chairs that appeal to a variety of those things.  Of course, you know that I have a love for all things vintage and reinventing them to create a custome ‘one-of-a-kind’ look and saving the landfills.  Since there are roughly 8 billion people in this world, that is not always possible.  Below are some of the seats I am coveting this month.  Most of them I have sat in, since, I believe your home should be a beautiful reflection of you and comfortable.  Today with online shopping, it is important for the consumer to understand what they are getting, especially if they can’t sit in it.  Make sure you know what sitting options you find comfortable in your home and take the measurements to compare to the items you are buying online.  I have gone so far as to send my height to a client with photos of how I sit in the items they are buying.  Click the photos to purchase these awesome weekly finds.

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71b5a3ee70d93f907b405936d70bc0a9_best                30e9689a2fbb1812eb816f3bbc0dd5b5_best


464633f38c677f6201abf7df0c26d38f_best                        addf6b51da428232325ba69835b2133d_best

b410a80283f77506c5d9a260e70b7694_best                        5a9e8624876c55d6b5689835e772627a_best

Whatever your style, we have it, can make it, or can help you find it!  Any budget (trust me, I am a single mother of 4)!!  Get the Look you want today.

Making your dream rooms – and lifestyle – come true! Lynn

Happy Winter Brights

Happy Winter Brights

Happy Pops of Color For Your Home!

Winter can be long – and sometimes dreary.  The holidays are over, the decorations put away, now what?! Spring is most definitely not here.  Even in San Diego, it is cold and there is some rain.  (Which we need)!  Here are some happy pops of color in all shapes, sizes and price points to brighten up your space, until Spring does arrive.

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18db1bb9dd1398f9df553652dd25d886_best                               9a149ddef23f31dec60f59bce0d15994_best

09cca83fd7a5884081addef8b2a56af6_best                        019175dda681ae16253f3f7206900dea_best

5e64da08953eef84009fa49caf25c08e_best                       0836331a57c32a8c0d0e4de7f44bb654_best

1970s-floating-chair-5                       d281f277594d60c562b941f56c031bf2_best

484db2c8e18fc20faeb2afc0e1dbb8fd_best                                 fd6ac305aa0ae637190e6adf80833387_best

eafa1b1c329c4406a248f0e98ad405ec_best                             11a631d6d3e61d9ebbd402cac4208655_best

Sometimes even fresh flowers can get you through some inside days of winter.  One small change can brighten your mood and make those long snowy days, well wonderful!

Making your dream rooms – and lifestyle – come true! Lynn


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