Michelle Gilman has been one of my favorite design clients, to date.  Yes, I love all of my clients, but Michelle was ready to put her faith in me.  When I showed her the vintage swivels we were going to reinvent for her space, she never questioned my mental sanity!  The before room photo is below.  Although the room worked, it was not a reflection of this cool, dynamic, creative, inspiring and unique woman; (Can you tell I really like her)! We knew the layout would be similar, just tweaked.  By pushing the new sectional back a few feet, we were able to add two occasional chairs, rather than the solo one in the original space.  This immediately created a more inviting seating area.  Michelle loves her desk in the corner, where she can take in the Pacific Ocean and work.  A Four Hands desk and an upcycled wing back chair, make the work area a glam vignette in the room, rather than just a space to work.  If extra seating is needed for meeting in the family room, the wing back is a perfect addition, that belongs and works with the space.

The space needed to be able to meet her families needs, they all like to gather in the family room for meals and get togethers and also meet her business needs.  As Founder of Fusion Academy, Business Coach for her company Well Heeled Warrior and an artist, creating under her business Featherpunk Studio, Michelle has many business needs.  It is not uncommon to find her painting by the window, holding a Skype conference call for Fusion, hosting her monthly ‘Oh Sh#t Meetings’ for Well Heeled Warrior and enjoying a meal with the family, all in one day!


Gilman before

Ok, one of the reasons I love Michelle, is she got the whole, ‘swivels are so perfect’ mentality!  Often she will sit at her desk and brain storm with her clients or husband, Peter.  In her original space, a guest sat on the end of the sofa.  Now work guests and Peter can sit in the swivel and spin around to face the desk.  They have the benefits of two rooms in one!

101_150 Liszt Ave       102_150 Liszt Ave

See the left swivel?  With a quick spin you are in the office brainstorming!


105_150 Liszt Ave

I LOVE when clients have a budget.  It just makes the whole process easier. We can evaluate what the client has and how much we have to spend on each item we are adding.  Although Michelle had a generous budget, she has high end taste.  Part of the challenge was to create the look she wanted within her budget.  On a trip for Fusion Academy, Dallas, her hotel room had a gorgeous hyde chair in the room.  We were able to create the same look, for a fraction of the cost, with a vintage Wing Back Chair, one hyde, left over fabric from her sectional and a yard of extra material from the swivels.


Michelle’s magical music art is a perfect accent to the space!

102_150 Liszt Ave - Copy

Michelle Gilman, the artist, at work.

109_150 Liszt Ave


107_150 Liszt Ave

Love Michelle’s space and want to recreate the look in your style?  Below are products with similar looks, just click on an image to get the info!  Most of Michelle’s room is custom or vintage upcycled, if you would like help finding your own style or getting this look, always feel free to call/text me 858.386.9060 or email lynn@modernvintagemix.com.

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