Mirrors are important accessories to any space. They help create the feel you want in your room. A serious room, can take on a glimpse of whimsy or glam by the frame of the mirror.  It can shift the whole room.  I also have been thinking a lot about mirrors since I have two tween daughters in the house!  How the room looks is often a reflection of how the occupants feel.  I want my daughters to know, like all girls, the beauty they have on the inside is as, or more important, than what they see in the mirror.  Even if the mirror has a beautiful frame!

I hope you have fun browsing these finds.  Let me know if there is something you are looking for to help create your dream space.  I am always on the hunt!

Making your dream rooms come true! – Lynn

  1. A tall elegant Bamboo and Gold Mirror can add elegance to your space.
  2. This Tangerine Pagoda Mirror is great for a pop of color!
  3. How about a handcrafted Blue and Ivory Natural Bone mirror to create a collected look.
  4. Jonathan Adler’s Puzzle Mirror is sure to add a sense of glamorous fun living.
  5. Modern lines will be defined with the Bubble Mirror.
  6. This nod to the Greek Key Mirror can create a timeless look in your room.
  7. Spring is to be found by adding this sweet Rosemeade Mirror, and it is on sale!
  8. The Cassandra Mirror can add shimmer and a stately feel to any design.