Goals, Intentions, Dreams 

All of these things really do come true when you write them down.  I often jot down my thoughts or goals for the day, week, year – ok, sometimes life – and when I find that scrap of paper, I realize, I made them happen!  About a year ago, I decided to write these things down in the back of my planner.  Yes, I use a planner.  Besides being older….I like to write them down and be able to hold it in my hand, not in my phone.  It works for me, so I am sticking with it!  Below our all of the calendars and planners we looked at when we were searching for some year end gifts for a few of our favorite people.  I also included a sweet ‘girlboss’ bag to hold all of your writing implements or make up, and one or two inspirational statements on canvas, after all a little inspiration goes a long way…. Click on any image for the link.  It’s never too late to plan!

And how about the photo of the awesome mid-century desk wall unit from West Elm!!

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Making your dream rooms – and lifestyle – come true!

Happy New Everything (and Year)! – Lynn