As I look back on my work and my own home, I have come to realize, I LOVE the swivel chair.  I have talked about this before, but any piece of furniture that can multi-task, is on my Fabulous Find list.  How wonderful is it to sit in a chair and watch tv, and then be able to turn around and talk to the people in the room or even in another room, like the kitchen.  Besides all of that, swivels are just fun!  They are also fun to redo, especially when they can be reinvented and kept from the landfill.  (I know my mantra of sustainable furniture gets old, but it is true)! The above swivel is a custom upcycle.  Please contact me if you would like a custom one, created just for you:)!

If you don’t have an old swivel to reinvent, here are some of my favorite new ones.  Click on any swivel to purchase or get more info.












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