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Even when you love your job, working is more fun when your space is inviting and you want to hang out in it!  Here is a mood board to get started on one of my client’s home office.  She is wanting a sophisticated and comfortable space.  Since she is in the fundraising biz, we decided to go with gold, earthtones and pops of peacock.  Shop this look:

  1. Brushed brass wall art establishes a sophisticated mood.
  2. Eames Walnut Stools, are classic, modern and versatile.  They can be used as extra seating, tables or footrests.
  3. The Horchow Desk sets the tone with is simple and elegant lines.
  4. A brushed brass lamp with a crisp white shades, provides adequate lighting and adds a sculptural feature.
  5. Unexpected and inviting visitor chairs in Peacock Blue, add a touch of warmth and provide comfortable seating.
  6. A Regal desk chair gives history to the space and a sense of strength to the office owner.
  7. This black floor lamp adds depth and whimsy to the office.