As I work on updating my sixteen year old son’s room, I am reminded that I am Crazy for CB2!  Their products are so on trend, versatile and at a great price point!  I ordered my son the Footfall Bedding.  Which I felt so lucky to find.  Why do bedding designers think boys/men only want stripes and women want flowers?!  There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there that are attractive to both sexes.  I don’t think I have ever owned floral bedding, I am a geometric kind of old lady!  When I was younger, I would often find the ‘masculine’ bedding for me.  This is just what I liked.  So, bravo to CB2 for offering cool bedding that feels very universal.  Of course, then I had to browse the whole site and found a bunch of goodies for a variety of projects I am working on.  Why oh why can’t their be a CB2 in San Diego?!  Here are some awesome picks for you, clients or me!

Don’t forget to click on any image you like to find out how to purchase!

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I ordered the bedding and then saw this cute 5 minute timer, perfect for getting ready rushes!  I also ordered this clear side table.  Now we will know exactly what is stashed in there.

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As I browsed, I found this cleaned lined chair, with a little bit of Shaker flare.  This is a great one for a future client, it can work in so many settings.  Oh, and the rug, perfect for my downtown condo client, who loves the blue/orange mix.  What is so great is it is more than just orange and blue, the other tones add a whole dimension to what could become a very flat space. This filing cabinet would add a fun pop to any space.

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This sweet table lamp is a unique shape with classic colors, or lack of, with its white and brass theme.  Everyone knows I love art with words.  This limited edition print by Matthew Heller is so versatile, youthful enough for a teens room or thougthful  and fun for a living space.  Here, my son just thought I was getting him new bedding!  He will be suprised when he sees the whole new look.  I am soooo lucky he trusts me!  This marble and brass shelf will work in a kitchen I am freshening up for a client.  We want to take down some unused cabinets and put up some shelves for styling.  These will be perfect!

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Black and brass is a strong trend this year.  Often people are afraid to invest in pieces, like chandeliers, because they can be costly.  Luckily, so many stores are making affordable chandeliers today.  Not to say you should change your lighting with the trends.  If you like a look, it will be timeless for you!  This salvaged table from Northern Ontario, is available in a limited 100 edition, so if you love it, don’t wait!  A perfect example of furniture as art.  Of course, I have to find a mirror, you can never have too many of those.

I hope you enjoy these finds!  As alway, feel free to contact me for design help, inspiration or sources.

Making your dream rooms come true! – Lynn