All About The Frame

All About The Frame


Mirrors are important accessories to any space.  They are an important factor is shaping the feel you want your room to have. A serious room, can take on a glimpse of whimsy or glam by the frame of the mirror.  It can shift the whole room.  I also have been thinking a lot about mirrors since I have two tween daughters in the house!  How the room looks is often a reflection of how the occupants feel.

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Home Office Haven

Home Office Haven

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Even when you love your job, working is more fun when your space is inviting and you want to hang out in it!  Here is a mood board to get started on one of my client’s home office.  She is wanting a sophisticated and comfortable space.  Since she is in the fundraising biz, we decided to go with gold, earthtones and pops of peacock.

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