Welcome to my space to talk about all things design, living and, well, just things that I like!  Modern Vintage Mix was brought about by my lifelong love of furniture, art, design and architecture.  Besides selling vintage treasures and offering design & styling services, I began to blog to help people find resources for their own homes and lives.  I love being creative and finding deals, especially when I get to share them with my readers!

When I am not working, I am hanging out with my four most favorite people in the world, my kids.  Our family is as diverse as my design aesthetics.   Our family mantra is be true to yourself and NEVER judge others.   You will find us hanging out together, playing games, swimming, attending a variety of activities my kids do, traveling and yes, I do drag them all to look for vintage and new treasures.  One of the best parts of blogging is meeting so many new and diverse people, so feel free to leave a comment, come hang with me on Instagram/Facebook or send me an email!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your design style?
People often ask about my personal design style, that doesn’t matter in my business.  I am here to help you achieve your design goals.  I LOVE any style, as long as the owner of the space feels that it is a true reflection of them, a space they love to come home to and share with others in their lives.
How did you become interested in furniture and design?
As a child, my parents designed and built a house with the world wide renowned architect, Alfredo DeVido.  With wide eyes I watched how the house was designed for the way our family lived, finishes were selected, the house was built, and finally, my favorite part, decorated.  I would often sketch ways for my mom to redo spaces.  This ‘redo’ of spaces is something I did everywhere I went.  My parents were extreme ‘modernists’ for the time, (I am old)!  We would go visit my grandparents and great aunts and their houses would be filled with antique treasures.  I would devise plans in my head of ways to combine all the things I loved.  I did not know this was an actual ‘thing’, until as a young adult, I discovered Elle Decor.  I realized that if I felt ‘boxed’ in by design rules, that truly only existed in my head, others might too.  I decided to break the mold and help others, collect and enjoy all things they love!
Does design have to be expensive?
With four kids, I have often had to design on a budget.  No matter what the budget is, I believe that quality is not something to skimp on.  By using well made vintage treasures and upcycling them, I can help clients save thousands as well as save our environment, by keeping pieces out of landfills.  I love to work with all levels of budgets.  I am very open minded and think different budgets, styles, clients, help keep my design practice engaged.  There is always more than one way to do things.  I am a bargain shopper, and, even if you have a rich budget, I love to find deals!  Mixing high/low treasures is also one of my favorite things, even though, I usually get the high treasure at a discounted price.
What if I just want a couple of things done or to consult with you on certain items?

This is where our fact finding free consultation is so important.  I cannot read your mind, although don’t tell my kids that!  It is important to let me know what you want me to help you accomplish in your space, so we can come up with a detailed and cost effective plan.

Feel free to email me with any of your questions!

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